Sobriety Society Mixed Bundle

Sobriety Society Mixed Bundle

Sobriety Society Mixed Bundle

Indulge in a great alcohol-free experience with our Sobriety Society wine bundle. Our fantastic bundles are available to make sampling the whole range so much easier (and cheaper). Each bottle from Sobriety Society is crafted with the finest quality organic grapes, ensuring a pure and expressive non-alcoholic wine experience.

The bundle includes three exceptional wines, starting with the beautifully balanced Chardonnay. It's light, yet robust, with a nice little hint of acidity, and a creamy texture that's both modern and elegant. Pair it with creamy pasta or grilled fish for a perfectly complemented meal.

The Blanc de Blancs, which brims with citrus, apple, and a freshly effervescent mouthfeel. It's flavourful and ends with a dry yet slightly sweet finish, and cleansing acidity. Try it with a charcuterie board or shellfish for an ideal match.

The Shiraz Tempranillo is a robust wine that balances the sweetness of a Tempranillo with the tannins and acidity of a Shiraz. It has a lingering aftertaste and little hints of savoury notes, making it an excellent choice with grilled meats or spicy dishes.

The Sobriety Society wine bundle offers a fantastic variety of flavours and aromas, perfect for any non-alcoholic wine lover.

Experience the unique character of each wine for yourself and discover your new favourite blend.

You get:
2 x Chardonnay
2 x Blanc de Blancs
2 x Tempranillo

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