Peach Paper Plane

You have to try this recipe - it is just so delicious in an unexpected way, and of course make it in the peak of summer when peaches are at their prime in terms of flavour and ripeness. 

The Paper Plane is a modern bourbon cocktail with a flawless balance of bittersweet flavours.

I wanted to use this flavour profile and build on it. We are using Ovant Royal which has the sweetness of rum to balance the bitterness of the aperitif we use, and the smokiness of whisky to give it a complex layer. When you add the Orange bitters - the spice notes elevates this to a really sophisticated cocktail. 

30ml Grilled Peach and thyme syrup
45ml Ovant Royal
30ml San Pellegrino San Bitter
2 dashes Orange Bitters
1 slice grilled Peach to garnish

Cocktail Shaker
Rocks Glass/ Lowball glass

1. Make the peach and thyme simple syrup. Grill your peaches until they have softened slightly and have a light browning. To the pan add 120ml water, 120g sugar and 2 sprigs of thyme. Simmer over low heat until sugar is completely dissolved, and the peaches are breaking apart. Remove thyme and let it
cool completely. Once cool - blend until smooth.

2. To your cocktail shaker add Ovant Royal, Aperitif, Peach syrup and the Bitters along with some ice and shake until your shaker is cool (about 25-30seconds)

3. Strain over a fresh block of ice, and add grilled peach slice as garnish on the ice.

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