Our Story to New Lanes

Helping you find A Sip for Every Occasion

Whatever the reason; shifting your relationship with alcohol, taking a break for a while, health reasons, mum-to-be, being a designated driver, training for a marathon, taking back control – we have you covered and will help you find the right sip for every occasion.

It began with curiosity and a passion for delicious flavourful drinks.

I’d spend many-a-Friday evenings catching up with friends with a drink. But, not keeping up with the delightful energy of my young kids the following morning, felt like a wasted Saturday morning.

Our kids are early risers, 5:30am most days. Can you imagine waking up to be there every day, hungover with a foggy head? We didn't want that as our reality.  

I became curious; ‘Nah, alcohol isn’t for me right now. Well, what is? What else is a yes for me that will allow me to be an early morning parent, and let me have a night out with friends? … (I was definitely not relegating to sugary soft drinks and plain water.)

We (my husband and I - Jay and Poonam) set out on a mission to uncover tasteful alternatives from incredible craft suppliers, and discovered that there are plenty of alcohol-free drinks that pack as much flavour as the real deal. 

Shifting Lanes to Non-Alcoholic drinks wasn't difficult with so many options, good quality options. 

It was founded with a need to embrace Inclusivity and Innovation. We want to help cultivate a social experience surrounding the glass as much as what is in the glass. 

Shift Lanes was founded on a desire to shift sentiments on how people approach drinking, AND curate the world’s best alcohol-free alternatives for ALL.

Shift Lanes offers you alternatives, giving you a platform to shop the best alcohol-free drinks from around the world.

Have a look around, we’d love to help if you have any questions.