Alcoholic vs Non-alcoholic beer: What’s the difference?

 It’s Friday night, and as the hours countdown to clock-off time, the question remains….to beer or not to beer?

 An image of a beer in hand often is associated with memories of laughter, joy and of course, all round good times. It is the iconic drink that we say cheers to at the local pub, and treat ourselves to on a warm summer’s day. Now, did you know that there are non-alcoholic options for your beloved classic drink? Yep, time to celebrate! 

Today, we are exploring the differences between alcoholic VS non-alcoholic beer, and how you don’t have to feel the FOMO, just because you are cutting back. 

 Is there an ounce of alcohol in non-alcoholic beer? 

Obviously, the primary difference between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer is the alcohol content. Alcoholic beers include alcohol typically between 1.15 and 15 percent ABV, whereas alcohol-free beer has a much lower percentage of alcohol, usually less than 0.5 percent ABV (in some cases as low as 0.001percent). This is because of the brewing process, and is something that occurs naturally. 

 What's the difference in taste?

Taste is another big difference. Most people seem to prefer the taste of alcoholic beers, but this is simply because they are used to it, and familiar with it. In recent years, non-alcoholic beers have come a long way. They are now being produced with high-quality ingredients, which has resulted in a more flavourful experience for consumers. The biggest factor that affects the taste is the brewing process and the ingredients used. Considering taste is subjective, why don’t you try it for yourself.

 What about the ‘beer belly’ aftermath, does that differ with the non-alcoholic option? 

The amount of calories in both types of beer differs depending on the amount of unfermented carbohydrates present, which varies from one type to another depending on how it was produced. Alcoholic beverages contain about seven calories per gram, while non-alcoholic drinks have only four calories. This is due to their lack of alcohol and sugar content. So, having a few non-alcoholic beers can be consumed guilt-free without the worry of a beer belly.

 What are the benefits of non-alcoholic beer? 

Growing as a popular option for West Australians, there are many benefits to choosing the non-alcoholic counterpart of beer. Here are a few that really stand out:

  • Reduce your health risk
  • Reduce your calorie consumption 
  • Cutting back? Whether for a challenge, new life path or health commitment - do it with beer in hand. 
  • You can enjoy the joys of beer at any hour (not just clock-off hour)
  • Into sports? Perfect, non-alcoholic beer lets you enjoy the best of both
  • Pregnant? Don’t miss out anymore, non-alcoholic beer is here for you
  • Blend in - designated driver or non-drinker of the group? No worries, non-alcoholic beer is your camo

 Alcoholic VS non alcoholic beer - our concluding comments 

Opting for an alcohol-free beer is a great way to take a break from drinking, or even just cutting back on the amount of alcohol you consume each week. Be sure to explore our beer range at Shift Lanes Drinks! We are sure you will find a flavourful option to help you on your journey. No more FOMO, just good times, great laughs and unforgettable memories - without the hangover of course.


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