Father's Day His Way

Here’s to the Dads; homework helpers, the bedtime story readers, the hug givers, the monster under the bed fighters, the basketball shooting buddy, to the back-up taxi drivers, the BBQ made picnic makers.

Father's Day Non-Alcoholic Gifts | Shift Lanes Drinks

Show appreciation and celebrate the father figures in your life with the gift of REALLY good, well made Non-Alcoholic drinks that he will want to keep sipping.

Here are our top Non-Alcoholic gifts to celebrate your Father Figure.

1. 3 Non-Alcoholic beers that hit just right after a day’s fishing, minding the barbie, a long bike ride, camping – spending time with your father.

🍻Heaps Normal XPA: full of hop based fruity, tropical and pine backed notes  with a light body and slightly bitter finish.

🍻Hellweisse Mango and PF Sour: lots of fruit on the nose, and the sourness acts as a refreshing balance between the two fruits, a good mouthfeel.

🍻Garage Project Tiny: Big flavour without the booze. Punchy citrus and a subtle clean malt. 

2. Mixed Beer Bundle: don't know which beer he will love – then this box will be the perfect gift. With 24 beers that are unique and diverse, he will love the box, discovering new flavours and sure to find his favourite.

3. Carefully crafted Alcohol-Free Spirits: for the Dad who likes a ritual of sipping a well crafted spirit slowly.

If your father figures loves to pour a glass after dinner, sit outdoors with a glass, and slowly sip to appreciate the well-crafted spirits, then these may be for him.

🍸Ovant Royal: Synchronising the sweetness of rum and the smokiness of whisky. Immediately recognisable flavours, delivered in an unexpected way.  Royal is made to be sipped, shared and savoured. A truly unique sensory experience.

🍸Lyre's Agave Blanco: full of character, with the kick of pepper invading your nostrils as you invite the glass towards your face. Meanwhile, a battle takes place between the roasted agave, a type of nectar, and a mix of citrus. Whilst it can be drunk neat on ice, it tastes even better mixed in a cocktail like a Paloma or Bloody Maria.

🍸Four Pillars - Bandwagon Dry: Aromas of orange and lemon myrtle are obvious, and you also get juniper. On the palate, there are notes of spice and some warmth from the distilled chilli. This is a botanical-based, alcohol-free spirit destined for a booze-free G&T. And use a good quality chilled tonic to make a delicious, sippable G+T.

4. If Dad loves an entire dining experience – where perfectly paired wine with a favourite dish makes his day, then these may be for him.

🍷Tread Softly Everything Except Pinot Noir: There’s a great mouthfeel to this, it’s smooth and delicate but not lacking in any way. Brilliant flavours of plum give depth and there is a lovely tannic feel. Pair with anything barbequed, mushrooms or root vegetables.

🍷Giesen 0% Merlot: the Merlot grape varietal sits in the middle of the wine spectrum – medium levels of tannin and acidity and famous for its red fruit flavours: plum, cherries, berries. This is how this Merlot tastes! Soft, buttery, tannic and you get the plum, cherry and currants. Goes well with steak, grilled chicken and blue cheese. Maybe you could cook up a storm for the old man?

There are busy dads, workshy dads, fun dads and grumpy dads, golf dads and football dads, but they all have one thing in common - they are the best dad's in the world. There's no one quite like Dad in our lives.

Shop Now to find your Dad the perfect gift. We are happy to answer any questions, drop us an email and we'll give you some recommendations. 

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