Gift Giving: The best Non Alcoholic bottles and cans to celebrate Mum

There’s no shortage of reasons to spoil Mums throughout the year, but Mother’s Day is extra special. As a Mum myself – I love days out, a special experience with my family – this time of the year is great for long hikes and watch the changing colours. Followed by a well-brewed Non Alcoholic beer. I wouldn’t say no to a delicious, Non Alcoholic cocktail either with some fresh ingredients. 😉

This Mother’s Day, for the Mum who doesn’t drink - she deserves bottles and cans of beverages just as unique and wonderful as SHE IS to properly celebrate all things motherhood.

Here are some magnificent gifts to celebrate your Mum

🍸Strangelove Lo-Cal Sodas
These aren’t your usual sugary fizzy drinks. We are talking innovative flavours, no preservatives, and contain roughly the same number of calories as an apple. Mum will love sipping on a jalapeno lime margarita without worrying about the traditional side effects of a margarita, with this Lo-Cal soda.

🍸Etch Sparkling
No sugar sparkling drinks that elevate any cocktail with its beautiful balanced flavours from native ingredients. 3 luscious flavours that will have you salivating before you take your first sip. They are delicate, refreshing, and complex – so Mum doesn’t have to add much to sip and enjoy.

🍸Plus and Minus wines
Starting with traditional wine, reverse osmosis is applied to strip the beverage of most of its alcohol content, leaving it with less than 0.5% ABV. This ensures the resultant wines remain vibrant and full-flavoured once the process of removing the alcohol has been completed. We love toasting with these.

A unique drinking experience that is clean and free of preservatives. An incredible amount of skill and innovation has gone in to craft these distillations (3 different flavour profiles) which is reflected in the unique flavours you get with each. Add a premium mixer to create a balanced, complex drink for Mum to sip on as part of her evening ritual.

🍸Wellbeing Beer
Thanks to new technology that lets brewers make great tasting beer, without the alcohol – there is no shortage of excellent, flavourful Non-Alcoholic beers. Sobah Beverages creates beers with unique flavours drawn from native Australian ingredients. Upflow brewing adds carefully selected minerals to rehydrate. Bad Shepherd uses passionfruit pulp in its Non-Alcoholic sour – making for a delightful drinking experience especially on lazy Sunday afternoons!

Shop online at Shift Lanes Drinks to find an amazing gift to celebrate your mother this year. Not sure what you want, contact us and we'd be happy to help or give you some suggestions.

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