Top 5 Reasons To Cut Back

Many Western Australians are starting to cut back on their alcohol consumption for various reasons and take on healthier lifestyle choices. Are you going to join the wave?

Cutting back on alcohol consumption can reduce your risk of getting serious illnesses down the road, including heart disease.

Whether it is a sound night’s sleep, better skin or more energy through the day – cutting back on alcohol has proven its weight in gold.

If you are on the fence, we here at Shift Lanes Drinks have curated a list of why some of our customers are kicking alcohol to the curb!

#1 It elevates your mood and sleep

Enjoy living life with that added spring in your step. It has been proven that alcohol can increase anxiety, stress, nervousness and depression. By drinking less, you can make direct choices that will make you feel happier and more fulfilled. We personally recommend that you keep a diary to see the difference in your head space after cutting back.

#2 You have more energy through your day

With a well-rested night’s sleep, you will have more energy through your day to combat whatever curve balls life will throw your way. By drinking less, you will notice an uplift within your energy levels, which only means you will get more done each and every day. Imagine what you can achieve without a hangover. 

#3 A positive impact on your relationships and interactions

Alcohol-fused choices are not always the best ones – let us be honest. How many times have you made a decision you later regretted because you were a little too intoxicated? We have ALL been there. There is an Australian report that outlines that approximately a third of all intimate partner violence has been linked to alcohol.

#4 Interaction with other drugs

If you are on medications regularly or are prescribed medicines right now - did you know that you significantly increase the risk to your health by drinking alcohol? By cutting back, or seeking non-alcoholic choices, you eliminate this risk completely.

#5 Memory

When was the last time you misplaced your keys or forgot where you placed your wallet? Unless you want to be like Dory from Finding Nemo, having lapses in memory can be an extremely difficult and debilitating experience. Alcohol has been proven to impact our memory, and by cutting back you are eliminating this issue all-together.

Now, why don’t you try non-alcoholic beverages as your start to cutting back? We have an amazing range of delicious non-alcoholic wines, beers and spirits that will help you kick booze to the curb, without feeling like you are missing out (talk about a win-win!)

Explore our range today, and let’s cut back together!




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