Why do I want early access to Black Friday?

Black Friday Shift Lanes Non-Alcoholic Drinks

At Shift Lanes Drinks we look forward to Black Friday as an opportunity to help more people cut back on alcohol without cutting back on enjoyment.

Whatever your reasons for choosing non-alcoholic, at Shift Lanes we give you options and choices. From alcohol-free versions of all your favourite tipples to totally unique and unusual flavours that deliver a whole new drinking experience.

Black Friday sales can be… a little hectic. In anticipation, we are offering YOU, our amazing loyal customers early access to all our VIP and best deals.

Why might this be for you?

1. Too-good-to-pass-up deals: we have never offered these types of discounts EVER on our products. Summer will be here soon (albeit) a little late this year – and this is the best time to save AND stock up on some amazing, flavourful drinks to mingle, party and enjoy gatherings with. All without the messy tangles the day after.

2. Skip the chaos: with hundreds of emails in your inbox during Cyber weekend, it can be hard to keep track of what deals are on and what you want. Worst case – you may even miss the products you really wanted. Instead, get early access, browse at your own pace, no rush and save all the products you want on your Wishlist!

3. Limited time sales and promos: It’s only on for 3 days! Sounds like a long time? It passes by in a flash. YOU, wonderful customer get access to all the best and exclusive deals for a few days before AND an extra 3 days.

4. Limited stock: We have stocked up. However, some of our products are limited editions especially our popular beers. Shopping for Christmas lunches, gatherings, and summer, then you want to get your bundles and beers NOW at great prices before the stock runs out.

5. Free Shipping?: yes there will be Free Shipping, you’ll find more information on this, once you are in!

Subscribe NOW here, to get access to all the VIP exclusive discounts, and in the meantime suss out what beverages tickle your fancy. Save them to your wish list, so you can fly through checkout on day 1 of Early Black Friday sale. (23rd November)

Need some recommendations? Email us and we'd happy to shoot through some suggestions. 

Our favourites are a great place to start. 

See you on the inside 🍺🍷🍸

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