Why Is the popularity of non-alcoholic drinks growing?

Our relationship with drinking, and how we define a ‘Friday clock-off beverage’ is quickly shifting like we have never seen before.

The non-alcoholic drinks market is becoming increasingly popular and is quickly becoming the preferred choice of beverage at parties, events, Friday work drinks and so on. In fact, we have seen on a global scale that alcohol consumption has declined in recent years. 

 Since the global pandemic we have seen people are going out less and have become more mindful of the consumption of alcohol. Instead, people are turning to alternative alcohol free options, why is that? We wanted to take some time to explore 5 of the biggest reasons.

 #1 Non-alcoholic beverages are a slimmer alternative 

Did you know that cutting back on alcoholic drinks can help you slim the waistline? At the end of the day, a regular consumption of alcohol is empty calories that goes straight to your kilos. By choosing to drink non-alcoholic beverages, you are helping with reducing weight gain that might otherwise come about from alcohol. 

 #2 People are in better spirits, thanks to non-alcoholic choices 

Excuse the pun, but we couldn't resist! It is common knowledge that alcohol can make stress and anxiety worse. Unfortunately, there isn’t a shortage of anxiety riddled circumstances in this day-and-age. The reason alcohol has this impact on us is because drinking too much interferes with the neurotransmitters in our brains, so alcohol can affect your mental health. By opting for the non-alcoholic option, this drastic side effect simply isn’t your reality. 

 #3 Those who opt for non-alcoholic drinks have commented on better concentration

You don’t have to have a hangover for alcohol to start affecting your productivity or how you show up at work. Cutting down on alcohol can help you relish a stronger work-life balance. 

 #4 You can leverage the dining benefits of the alcoholic counterparts 

Who doesn’t love a good pinot noir with their red meat? It’s the way the red wine opens up your taste palette and always allows you to have a flavourful explosion in your mouth. Now, you don’t have to forgo this dining experience ever again, because non-alcoholic wines can ensure you always have a vino option to complement your delicious food. For those nights you may want to be up early the next day, having a non-alcoholic option can be just what the doctor ordered.

 #5 No more FOMO

Last but certainly NOT LEAST. You can enjoy all the above benefits, but without the FOMO that may come from going ‘more sober’. We all know the feeling of being left out that can sometimes happen when you are the designated driver for the night, or have simply because you have decided you are not drinking for a period of time. By having non-alcoholic drinks at your disposal, you will always have a drink in hand, and be able to join in on the fun - just without the drawbacks that may come from alcohol. 

 Are you ready to try a non-alcoholic beverage from Shift Lanes Drinks? Then be sure to visit our store before you head off! We have an array of choices that will surely tickle your sweet spot. Otherwise, be sure to contact us with your enquiry, and a member of our team will get back to you ASAP.


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