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    Hop water comes in many variations from the straightforward to the fruit accented, and even a few punched up with adaptogens. However, at it’s core hop water is simply water that’s been infused with hops and then carbonated.

    No grains are used in this brew, so the alcohol content stays at 0% and is more sparkling water than anything related to a craft brew.

    The question - why is everyone flocking to try these drinks?
    We have seen so many people get our bundles of Hop Water especially in the warmer weather, because they are keen on staying hydrated while enjoying a beverage without a buzz - and Hop Water is perfect for that.

    It is also gluten free, which is a win for anyone who can't have gluten and therefore can't have beer.

    For us, we love that the hops are put on full display in this type of drink and you really get to observe the intricacies of each hop used since there is no malt backbone overshadowing any flavours or aromas added by them.

    We have some great Hop Water drinks in our store.

    7 products
    Hop Water Mixed Bundle
    from $53.95
    Wayward Brewing Aqua Lupa - Hop Water (330ml)
    from $3.95
    Hoptonik Hopped Water
    from $4.95
    HOPR The Citra One
    from $5.95
    HOPR The Mango One (375ml)
    from $5.95
    HOPR The Citra & Amarillo One
    from $5.95
    Batch Brewing The Hip Hip Hop Water - Citrus Banger (375ml)
    from $4.50
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