Dry July - what is it really?

When we mention Dry July, most people only know half of what is behind this term – ‘giving up of alcohol for 31 days.’

But there is more to it.

Whilst giving up alcohol for 31 days is the action we are asked to take, the purpose of being involved by raising funds in Dry July, is to help make a difficult time a little easier for cancer patients, their families and carers.

The funds raised as part of your Dry July campaign go directly to the Dry July foundation and support over 80 cancer charities across Australia who provide comfort, care, information and support to people impacted by cancer.

I'm Dry this JulyI'm Dry this July

Can I go alcohol free for a month?

You may be wondering how easy it is going to be to maintain the ‘no alcohol’ routine for 31 days!

One day at a time. One social situation at a time.

The foundation recommends planning ahead, including socialising in places where alcohol is less in your face and creating networks that will keep you accountable.

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