Lightning Minds Non Alcoholic Beer

Lightning Minds is a dedicated non-alcoholic beer brand, with its founder being passionately dedicated to an alcohol-free lifestyle.

There have been multiple articles spruiking the health benefits of drinking non-alcoholic beer as its beloved Hops has many benefits for post-exercise recovery, including anti- inflammatory properties.

The Lightning Minds brand is all about a balanced lifestyle, boasting below 0.5% ABV and a super low sugar and calorie content.

Brightening minds. One drink at a time.

Lightning Minds Non-Alcoholic Beer

Lightning Minds Non-Alcoholic Beer

Lightning Minds Non-Alcoholic Beer

This beer has been developed to bring a positive balance to one's health and happiness. A way of enjoying the goodness of a refreshing beer without any of the downsides. 

A modern take on the classic American Pale Ale, with bright tropical hops balanced with an assertive bitterness and well rounded malt character. 

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