Sober-curiosity: A path to new possibilities.

After giving up alcohol for almost three years, I have had plenty of time to reflect on the highs and lows of what that journey has meant. It has been life changing in the best way. Here is the reason why I made the decision (which really isn't just a decision, its a transformative journey)

So, for any of you, curious about and are pondering the idea of giving up alcohol, here's are a few things that might just make your journey smoother.

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1. Try an Alcohol-Free Night Out

One of the biggest hurdles people face when thinking about sobriety is the fear that they won't be able to enjoy a night out without a drink in hand. I get it; my biggest fear was I won't fit in, and I will be boring.

I’m not suggesting drinking water while looking lovingly at the glass of wine the person next to you is drinking, but instead try some non-alcoholic drinks.
Order non alcoholic cocktails (most bars would happily make you one), alcohol free beers or wine if available, or ask for a soda water with a fruit reduction in a fancy glass.

If you can BYO - I love to take
a 4 pack of Awesome Source or a Maragrita
a 4 pack of Gweilo Non-Alcoholic Pale Ale
or I would take Non 2 for a decadant meal.

and if you are going out, suggest to your dinner/ lunch dates a venue that has plenty of options for you.

Here are some we enjoy in Perth, with good food also:
BivoacVikka in Leedrville, Wildflower Como, St Brigids Bar

Stick with it for the whole night and see how you feel. You might be surprised. Those alcohol-free drinks can work some magic and make your night out just as enjoyable.

You'll go home feeling great, and thank yourself for it.

It will give you a peak into the future, and how you can through a night without alcohol.

Waking up the next morning, feeling fresh and energetic is the ultimate flex.

Getting into the groove of sober nights out can take a bit of time, but giving it a shot will show you it's entirely doable.

2. Suggest Sober Socializing

If go-to activity for socializing is going to a bar, or going for a drink, try something else. When planning a date night or meeting a friend, propose something that doesn't involve alcohol.

How about some old-school bowling during lunch?
Or do you fancy a short hike?
Have you tried the new escape rooms in the city?

For weekend getaways, consider camping, going on a nature walk, or treating yourself to a spa retreat instead of the typical booze-fueled trips.
And how about cozying up at home with friends, for a meal and a cup of tea instead of dining out with a bottle of wine?

3. Find a Sober Hobby

Going to the pub or a bar may be a common pastime, but let's be real – it's not exactly a hobby. Often times when I have asked some new acquaintances what they enjoyed doing, they would often include 'going to the bar' as an activity.

To truly explore the sober life, it's essential to find something enjoyable that doesn't involve alcohol. For me - I have enjoyed incorporating weight training, because it is challenging me. Or spending more time in nature, and taking longer hikes with my kids. Painting has also been a good one for me, something that I loved doing as a child, but never had the time as I got older.

4. Read a blog or book on Sobriety

From the moment I decided to go alcohol-free until today, I've read so many blogs on 'how-to' and 'why' and the impacts of going alcohol-free.
Some were informative, some shared real-life stories, and some were the ultimate cheerleaders for going sober.
I've been meaning to read this booke 'Push off from here by Laura McKowen' - her writing is so inspirational.

I have learned so much, by all those who have done this before me. Most I related to, resonated with. It was never a rock bottom for me, I would drink a drink on Friday and maybe 2 on Saturday. Realistically, that quantity would be considered normal or even less than normal for someone my age. But rock bottom is relative. I had big goals, and I was moving away from these goals.

Reading about others' journeys makes you feel less isolated. It reassured me that for many, choosing sobriety isn't a walk in the park. But it also highlighted that pushing through the initial challenges can lead to incredible positives when you cut alcohol out of the picture.

5. The Power of Conversation:

Saying 'I don't drink' can be a great conversation starter.
Talking to friends who have been so supportive of my decision has been a game-changer.

Creating a network of like-minded individuals to bounce ideas off of is an excellent first step for anyone curious about sobriety or struggling
to take that leap.

In conclusion, the journey of being sober-curious is all about exploration, embracing alternatives, and finding strength in community. Remember, cutting out alcohol is about gaining more rather than losing anything. It is an eye-opening lifestyle choice that can lead to so much good.

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