The best Non-Alcoholic drinks for Easter

The Easter long weekend is the perfect time to get together and celebrate the changing of seasons.

If you are hosting a Sunday lunch, a barbeque or organizing an Easter egg hunt, you’ll want the very best Non-alcoholic drinks on standby.

Here are your Easter drink must haves.

Non-Alcoholic Beer - A choice for everyone
No celebration would be complete without an esky full of ice-cold beer. With so many micro-breweries using new technology to brew Non-Alcoholic beer that taste like the real thing – there are plenty of choices for everyone.

Pick a case of your favourite brews here, or grab a mixed pack with a bit of everything.

This discounted ultimate non-alcoholic beer tasting bundle includes 24 of our best-selling brews.

Non Alcoholic Beer celebrations
Non Alcoholic Sparkling

In the past, non-drinkers would have relegated to drinking water or sugary, fizzy drinks. But with advancing techniques in wine making over the years, there are plenty of first-class wines to choose from.

We love celebrations, just as much as a topped-up glass of bubbles - now you can take your pick from our fine selection of non-alcoholic champagne or prosecco.


Non Alcoholic Wine

Whether you prefer red, white or a chilled glass of rose, wine is a go-to drink for Easter festivities.

Try this Sobriety Society Chardonnay with barbequed marron, prawn risotto and seafood in a creamy sauce.

Twirl your fork around a plate of blue swimmer crab spaghetti, lemon, chives and garlic, as you sip an ice-cold glass this of Dr. ZenZen Pinot Grigio this Easter.

Riesling: Thai seafood dishes, curries and fried fish make for ideal companions to this drop.

There are now a large range of Non-alcoholic wines in all your favourite styles.

Non Alcoholic Cocktails - Indulgence and Decadence

Nothing says sophisticated Easter celebration like a sleek caffeinated beverage with a kick of salty sweetness, paired of course with the 50 Easter Eggs we all end up consuming! Made with Lyre's Coffee Originale, homemade salted caramel syrup and a rich freshly brewed espresso. 

Non Alcoholic Espresso Martini

Maybe you could try your hand at some indulgent mocktails. Delicious Non-Alcoholic cocktails, mocktails are the perfect way to still enjoy a delicious fancy frolicking beverage, while skipping the extra calories, hangovers and booze remorse that often come with alcohol.

We love making Non-Alcoholic Apple Cider mules, especially with the very luxurious Double Ginger Beer we have at Shift Lanes.

Or if you are making a big batch for your Easter lunch or barbeque try this Spritz Pitcher.

All amazing cocktails contain some premium mixers – we have the best of the best here.

Whatever your reason for not drinking this Easter – whether it is a healthier lifestyle, or you are driving, a Mum-to-be, don’t let your Easter gathering crash your ship dramatically of course. We would love to help you find the perfect sip. Email us your questions, we always write back.

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