Non-Alcoholic Wine - Red Wine Bundle

Non-Alcoholic Wine - Red Wine Bundle

Non-Alcoholic Wine - Red Wine Bundle

Approach these non-alcoholic wines with an open mind, appreciating them for what they are—an opportunity to delight in new flavours, textures, and aromas.
While our non-alcoholic wines promise to deliver a captivating and enjoyable experience, it's essential to set the right expectations. They may not taste exactly like the Cabernet you remember so fondly, but that's precisely where their charm lies.

With the winter season it is red wine season - here is what you will get in this red wine bundle:

1 x Altina Shiraz
Altina's commitment to excellence is reflected in every bottle, with key ingredients meticulously selected to create a memorable experience. The foundation is laid with de-alcoholized Shiraz, embodying the essence of premium Australian wine. Infused with native Pepperberry, it gains a spicy allure that is uniquely Australian.
Dark chocolate adds depth and indulgence, while smooth vanilla brings a velvety touch to the symphony of flavours.

1 x Tread Softly Pinot Noir
This delicious low alcohol Pinot Noir is hand-crafted using only high-quality grapes from South Australian vineyards ensuring the wine remain vibrant and full-flavoured once the process of removing the alcohol has been completed.
Tasting Notes: Easy drinking and a vibrant wine. Robust and full bodied with good structure. You can taste the dark berries, and earthy notes rounded off with a smooth and delicate mouthfeel.

1 x Tamburlaine 'Jack Squat' Cabarnet

Earthy aromas + as well as ripe blackcurrant and other berries together with vanilla. Having said that - there is depth, a character like tabacco, that actually lends to a more drier red, both in terms of sugar and mouth drying tannins. Pair with roasted root vegetables. 

1 x Tamburlaine 'Jack Squat' Shiraz

This one is slightly more juicier than the Cabarnet, with prominent flavours and notes of cherries and plums. There is a herby undertone of mint that goes so well with a Moroccan Tagine. 

Cheers to embracing the unique and celebrating the essence of what they have to offer!

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